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Post Color Guard


The Post Senior Color Guard has a long history of excellence. The Post 91 Senior Color Guard has earned multiple Department of New Jersey 1st Place finishes dating back to at least 1985.

Most notably there were 5 years of consecutive Department of New Jersey wins by the Post 91 Senior Color Guard (2009-2013). A new streak may have started in 2016 as the Post 91 Senior Color Guard earned 1st place this year.

The Color Guard Commander can be contacted at -


Front Rank (L-R): Brian Wolfinger, John Ruppell, Dennis Miller, Sara Vasso, Leon Stickle

Commander: Amery Vasso

Congratulations Post 91 Color Guard!

1st Place Best Appearing Service or Veterans Color Guard - 2016

Boonton Fire Department Labor Day Parade

Boonton New Jersey


1st Place Senior Post Color Guard - 2016

Department of New Jersey Convention

Wildwood New Jersey

Jack Hillabrant sporting the Post WWII Color Guard Uniform

Color Guard (1958-1960?)

(L-R) Ken Stalter Sr., (?), William Emigh, William Junkmeier, Robert Schnare, (?)

Color Guard 1979

(L-R) Nick ?, Dennis Miller, Bruce ?, Andre ?, Claude ?, Jim Matanin, Val ?

Color Guard 1987

Color Guard - Date Unknown - NYC

Color Guard - Date Unknown

Color Guard 1998 State Champions

(Standing L-R): Al Prophy, Dick Schreck, Joe Turpack, Don Malcomb, Leon Stickle, Tom Barber

(Seated L-R): Bill Burbridge, Jake Jacobus, Jim Matanin, Joe Krieg, Dennis Miller, Joe Giordano

Color Guard - 2001 - NYC

Color Guard 2009 State Champions

(L-R) ?, John Ruppell, Bill Burbridge, (Young Lady ?), Brian Wolfinger, Alan Bone

Color Guard 2010 State Champions

(Front Rank L-R) Brian Wolfinger, John Ruppell, Bill Burbridge, Dennis Miller, Alan Bone

(Rear Rank L-R) Kevin Finnegan, Amery Vasso

Color Guard 2012 State Champions

(L-R) Amery Vasso, Sara Vasso, Brian Wolfinger, Dennis Miller, Dan Zullo, Kevin Finnegan, Bill Burbridge


Color Guard 2013 State Champions

(Front Rank L-R) Leon Stickle, Dan Zullo, Sara Vasso, Dennis Miller, Brian Wolfinger, Amery Vasso

Color Guard 2014

(L-R) Dan Zullo, Leon Stickle, Bill Burbridge, Dennis Miller, Sara Vasso, Kevin Finnegan, Brian Wolfinger, Amery Vasso

Color Guard 2015

(L-R) Dennis Miller, Sara Vasso, Leon Stickle, Amery Vasso, Brian Wolfinger, Kevin Finnegan, Bill Burbridge

Color Guard 2017

(L-R) John Ruppell, Bill Burbridge, Brian Wolfinger, Dan Zullo, Kevin Finnegan, Sara Vasso, Leon Stickle, Louis Rivera, Manny Santana, Amery Vasso (missing Matt Sichko)